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Disco (2012) Hindi Dubbed [HDRip]
Releaser Info : FzMovieZ

Description : Disco ( Nikhil ) is an orphan who gets his name as the lights in the hospital he was born in flickered right when he was born. He has three best friends whom he cherishes the most. Nikhil once meets a girl named Shiny ( Sara Sharma ) and falls in love with her. But she lives in Bangkok and returns back to her home town. So, Nikhil follows her to Bangkok with his friends. It turns out that Sara is the daughter of a crime boss in Bangkok.
Duration : 2hr 26m
Audio Quality : Original Audio

Disco 2012 Hindi Dubbed HDRip By FzMovieZ(Avi)
Disco 2012 Hindi Dubbed HDRip By FzMovieZ(High Quality Avi)

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